Theo Sommer VS

Brand: made by Theo Sommer, Germany
Model: I do not know what model it is
Color: different kinds of brown, see pictures
Type: vss, all purpose, emphasis on jumping
Seat size: about 17 inches (measured from the knob beside the pommel back to the middle of the cantle)
Tree size: about medium, was used for Haflinger horses and they are mostly more broad than medium
Condition of saddle: old model but was not used for the last ten years, so is in good condition and ready to ride!
Leather condition: very good, very well cared for
Tree: good and sound
Billets: good, used condition
Pannels: softly and well padded
Stitchings: all good
Damages: just usual signs of use (superficial scratches), no damages

350 US$