Stubben Parzival VSS All Purpose Saddle

Brand: made by Johs. Stubben, Krefeld, Germany
Color: brown
Type: VSS, all purpose, emphasis jumping
Seat size: 18,5 inches (measured from the knob beside the pommel back to the middle of the cantle).
Tree size: 31 (medium, imprinted in the right small flap).
Condition of saddle: Older saddle but for this in an very good condition! Nice saddle for many more years! Much better than many newer saddles!
Leather condition: Well cared for, very good for the age.
Tree: has like all Stubben saddles the flexible steel spring tree, good and sound
Billets: three on each side, good condition
Pannels: well flocked
Damages: just usual signs of use for the age (like few superficial scratches), no real damages. On the downside there are some of the large stitches not there. This is no problem for the use, I just want to mention it. You can see it on the picture.

490 US$