Stubben PARZIVAL Dressage Saddle

Brand: made by Stubben, Krefeld, Germany
Model: Parzival, low kneeblocks
Color: brown
Type: dressage with low kneepads.
Tree size: The treesize is unknown, because the right small flap above the billets is missing. I would judge it at least a 30. So it is medium to wide.
Seat size: 18 inches (measured from the knob beside the pommel back to the middle of the cantle)
Condition of saddle: Older, much used saddle but still good for many more years! It got 4 brand new billets, was taken apart and checked by the Stubben saddlery and got a complete new wool flocking!
Leather condition: good condition for the age, usual signs of use like scratches. The front leather is rubbed open partly. You will see it on one of the pictures. But this is just cosmetic.
Tree: has like all Stubben saddles the steel spring tree, good and sound
Billets: as mentioned above, got 4 brand new billets!
Pannels: Completely new wool flocked! So it can adapt to a new horse back!
Stitchings: all good.
Damages: just usual signs of use for the age (like superficial scratches). Do not exspect a like new looking saddle, but it is very much o.k. for dayly use. And the functional parts like billets and flocking are new!

490 US$