Courbette (Lemetex) HUSAR VSD All Purpose Saddle

Brand: made by Lemetex, Switzerland, which is the same company as Coubette!!
Model: HUSAR, suede knee rolls
Color: brown
Type: VSD, all purpose, emphasis on dressage
Seat size: 17,0 inches (measured from the knob beside the pommel back to the middle of the cantle)
Tree size: probably XL, but I would think it would fit a medium size horse.
Condition of saddle: very good, used condition.
Leather condition: very well cared for, good
Tree: good and sound
Billets: good used condition
Pannels: has foam panels which cannot be restuffed and which do not need restuffing.
Stitchings: all good
Damages: Usual signs of use, no damages

500 US$