Stubben Colombo Dressage Saddle

Brand: made by Stubben, Switzerland>
Model: Colombo, the model with the water buffalo leather, very durable and nice in the leather structure!
Color: gray to black, more on the dark gray side!
Type: dressage, low knee blocks
Tree size: 29 (medium to narrow, for horses with higher whithers, it measures 14,5 cm just before the panels start in the pommel.
Seat size: 17,5 to 17,75 inches (measured from the knob beside the pommel back to the middle of the cantle)
Flap length: measured from the iron where the stirrup leathers are put in down to the end of the flap: about 17 inches
Condition of saddle: this saddle is a new demo saddle which has been stored in a shop and was used perhaps 10 times for test rides. This is not visible on the outside, You can just see some signs on the billets. It is really like a brand new saddle!
Leather condition: Like new
Tree: has like all Stubben saddles the steel spring tree which is flexible, good and sound
Billets: new condition
Pannels: very well and softly filled. Wide channel for the spine.
Stitchings: all very good
Damages: no damages, like new saddle!

900 US$