Stubben Imperator VSD All Purpose Saddle

Brand: made by Johs. Stubben, Krefeld, Germany
Model: Imperator, one of the best Stubben models!
Color: black with black inlay leather
Type: VSD, all purpose, emphasis on dressage.
Seat size: 17,5 inches (measured from the knob beside the pommel back to the middle of the cantle)
Tree size: 28 (narrow, for example for thoroughbred horses, imprinted in the right small flap). It measures 13 cm just before the panels start in the pommel.
Flap length: measured from the iron where the stirrup leathers are put in down to the end of the flap: about 15 inches
Condition of saddle: Used saddle in a very good condition! These saddles are just made on request and are among the most expensive and comfortable from Stubben. This is a very nice saddle for many more years!
Leather condition: very well cared for, good condition
Tree: has like all Stubben saddles the flexible steel spring tree, good and sound
Billets: three on each side, good used condition
Pannels: Well flocked
Damages: just usual signs of use, no damages. There is a very small slit in the leather of one flap and there are fine punctures in the leather of the panels that lie on the horses back. You can see it in the pictures, nothing to worry about.

590 US$