Stubben Imperator VSS All Purpose Saddle

Brand: made by Johs. Stubben, Krefeld, Germany
Model: Imperator, one of the most expensive models made by Stubben. This saddle is just made on request, so it is rare.
Color: black
Type: VSS, all purpose, emphasis on jumping.
Seat size: 17 inches (measured from the knob beside the pommel back to the middle of the cantle)
Tree size: 30,5 (medium, imprinted in the right small flap). It measures 15 cm just before the panels start in the pommel.
Flap length: measured from the iron where the stirrup leathers are put in down to the end of the flap: about 15 inches
Condition of saddle: This saddle has the blue Stubben knobs, it is not old. The saddle is just very slightly used, excellent condition. Absolutely great saddle!
Leather condition: very well cared for, excellent condition.
Tree: has like all Stubben saddles the flexible steel spring tree, good and sound
Billets: four on each side, very good condition
Pannels: Gusseted, very well flocked
Damages: just usual signs of use, no damages

1100 US$